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A New Jack Swing Thing

The latest Retrospect collabo from DJ Mighty Move & DJ Renz
A fresh blend of the hottest New Jack Swing jams!!
“A New Jack Swing Thing”

darius and nina ….. the soundtrack
A blend of slowjamz and dialog from the film LOVE JONES to create a modern-day soundtrack
taking you through the life of Darius and Nina.. Enjoy.

Is a blend of some Dance/Electro/House tracks I’ve been digging. This blend bleeds high energy, hence the title !CAFFEINE!.  This is a musical replacement of your favorite source of !CAFFEINE! using some high energy remixes of 90′s Club hits and Dance Remixes of current hits. Enjoy!

Remember This? Vol 2 “90s Homecoming”
90s HOMECOMING- Break out the polka dots and Cross Color gear and Roger Rabbit your self back to early 1990′s. Here is a smooth blend of 90s HipHop and RnB grooves from your 90s high school Homecoming dance … mostly early 90s jams.  ENJOY..
90′s Homecoming

This mix is mostly Throwbacks, a couple newbies in there. This is a recreation of my set I played at a monthly Ive been doing with the Black Bunny Disco team at Mountain Bar in Chinatown.  This event is dope and the crowd loves curve ball jams, so I did just that..  ENJOY..
**Two tracks in this mix is are remixes from Dennis Blaze (**
Next Saturday

RETROspect Vol. II BestofBothWorlds
DJ Renz & DJ Mighty Moves team up again to bring you another mix of great forgotten jamz. This round we bring you our fav HipHop and RnB collabos

!!Saturday Night!!
A recreation of a set I recently did at Mountain Bar in LA for the Black Bunny Disco party. It was a great night and lots of fun so I decided to bring it to the masses. ENJOY!
Saturday Night

Remember This? 90′s HipHop
I take you on a journey with a few of my fav 90′s West Coast, East Coast, and Down South HipHop tracks.
*****WARNING: This Mix is EXPLICIT!!!!!*****
90′s HipHop

RETROspect Vol. 1 80′s RnB
Collabo mix with DJ Mighty Moves & DJ Renz
DJ Mighty Moves kicks off this mix giving you his Favs tracks to be  followed by DJ Renz (Great summertime mix)
80′s RnB

A Lil Sumethin RnB 80′s Slowjamz
I did this for the LADIES, but Fellas you can groove too…
80′s Slowjamz

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